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I’ve been by this place dozens of times but did not notice it until yesterday.  Normally I wouldn’t be in this area two days in a row, but I drove past it again and had to stop and take a closer look.

Quite obviously, this is not a beautiful building by any standard or measure.  It’s small, has obviously not been used in years, and sits completely enclosed behind a barbed wire fence.

As churches go, from an aesthetic point of view, this place is little more than a shack.  But I’m drawn to it because I know that if it could talk, it would have stories to tell.

When was it built?  How many babies were baptized there?  How many couples married inside those walls?  What did its people believe and how did they worship God? Why did it close?  Did the congregation simply die off?  Was there a church split?

Unknown church, Livonia, Michigan