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First Presbyterian Church of Plymouth

First Presbyterian Church of Plymouth

First Presbyterian Church of Plymouth

I see this church nearly everyday, as it is smack dab in the middle of my town.  Some friends who attend my current church were former members of First Presbyterian Church of Plymouth, and had good things to say about it.

It was recently discovered that a Revolutionary War veteran is buried in the parking lot area of this church:

According to research done by Packard, who has spent years studying cemeteries and burials in Plymouth, the remains of Revolutionary War veteran Titus Vespatian Hoisington are still buried on the property of the First Presbyterian Church of Plymouth, which was once the site  of Plymouth’s Old Presbyterian Cemetery.


The congregation, and the building itself, have a very long, fascinating history (see below, from the church’s webpage.)

  • FPCP first assembled in February, 1833. 
  • It was officially organized with its first minister, the Rev. A.M. McJunkin, in July of 1835. 
  • The original building was built in 1846. 
  • In 1936, the church was destroyed by a fire. 
  • The only items untouched by the fire were the Bible and lectern on which it stood. 
  • The present structure was built in 1937. 
  • The Chapel was added in 1955.
  • In September 2002, a 10,000 square foot educational wing was added to the current structure