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Abundant Life Christian Center, side

I see this building from the expressway (I-96) every time I venture into Detroit.  It was a beautiful fall day so I knew I had to go out of my way to see this once special place that is little more than ruins.  It was open, so I was able to walk around.  I had no idea when I went through the open front door, and up the stairs into the sanctuary, whether I would encounter a bunch of drug addicts, whether I’d startle a homeless person, or step on a dirty nail.  The worst I saw in there were a few half pints of cheap vodka.

Abundant Life Christian Center, from Grand River, looking northwest

Abundant Life Christian Center, from Grand River

I’m not the poetic of figurative type too often, but this church is one (of tens of thousands) of reminders of the past glory of the City of Detroit.  As the city has gone, so have places like this.  I don’t know whether churches, theaters, businesses, schools and other important places in the community fell completely apart because her people did, or her people fell apart because such places were allowed to lapse into complete and total decay.  As bad of shape as the building is in, I literally had a rush walking around inside it.  I’d like to go back and explore it more thoroughly someday.  Sure, it’s probably trespassing, but I didn’t see any signs, and there were certainly no attempts made to keep people or the elements out.

Abundant Life sanctuary

Abundant Life sanctuary, facing northwest

Given it’s current state, “Abundant Life” couldn’t be a more ironic name for this house of worship.

Abundant Life, stained glass

Abundant Life, stained glass (Memorial to a former pastor)

There are several “Abundant Life Christian Center” churches in the area, one in Detroit, the other in Redford.  I cannot tell whether either of these places was formally located in this particular building.  Oddly enough, though, this abandoned church is still listed in the Yellow Pages online.  My best guess is that the phone there no longer works.