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Sometimes we take the back roads to my mother-in-law’s house in Freeland.  It’s easier to drive down empty country roads, surrounded by farm land, than fight traffic in the commercial areas of Saginaw.

I’ve passed St. Matthew Lutheran Church in Freeland several times over the years, usually on the holidays.  It’s out in the middle of a number of working farms just outside of Saginaw.  I imagine this place to be attended by old German-American farmers; quiet, hard-working people.

I’ve wanted to get a better look at this church because it is a classic American country church.  According to the church’s website, it’s been there for 150 years.

I think I would like worshiping there as the style is traditional.  The musical accompaniment is with an organ and old hymns are sung.  It has a large bell tower and bell.  Let the bell ring, I say.