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Without boring (or maybe amazing!) you with a long history lesson, I say what little   I know and/or could quickly glean from the internet about Melkite Catholicism.  The Melkite Catholic Church is, at its heart, the Greek church (by rite, not by ethnicity) which remains in full communion with the Roman Catholic Church.  Put another way, it’s an eastern Catholic church that observes Byzantine rites but acknowledges the Pope as the supreme Patriarch.  It is also, by and large, an Arabic church.  [I welcome any corrections to this all-too-simple explanation from those in the know.]

I can’t find much information about the local parish — this particular congregation.  I do know the building itself is quite old, but I cannot find the exact year it was erected.  It was originally the First Baptist Church of Plymouth and some of the stonework still reflects that.

St. Michael Melkite Catholic Church, Plymouth, Michigan

St. Michael Melkite Catholic Church, formerly First Baptist Church, Plymouth, Michigan